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The classification of bulbitis is based on the form of the course of the disease and the types of its manifestation. There are two forms - acute and chronic. If treatment is started in a timely manner, then the disease is cured completely and without consequences. Otherwise, it takes a chronic course, which causes a lot of trouble to the patient. Types of the disease differ in manifestations, severity of the course and consequences.

Superficial bulbitis has two forms - acute and chronic. The acute form is most often infectious. Chronic is characterized by a change in periods of exacerbation and remission.
Catarrhal bulbitis is a more severe stage of the long-term superficial form of bulbitis. It is distinguished not only by edema and inflammation, but also by the expansion of capillaries on the surface of the mucosa, a violation of intestinal motility, ampicillin of stomach contents into the esophagus (reflux), and the release of a large amount of cloudy mucus. Seasonal exacerbations are typical for catarrhal bulbitis. A long asymptomatic period is possible. The provocation is usually spicy food, stress or alcohol.
This is one of the mildest, most treatable types of disease. It is called superficial bulbitis because it affects only the mucous membrane.
With erosive bulbitis, a deeper damage to the tissues of the bulb occurs up to the muscle layer. The most common cause of erosions are Helicobacter pylori in combination with gastritis. Also, erosion can occur due to damage to the glands that produce a secret that neutralizes the acid of gastric juice. Erosive bulbitis is divided into several types depending on the depth of the lesion.
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The chronic form usually proceeds painlessly, the patient experiences only discomfort after eating (feeling of a full stomach). Sometimes aching pain can come at night. Severe pain is felt on palpation. With erosive-hemorrhagic bulbitis, an admixture of acillin pills in the feces is possible. With timely adequate treatment of erosion, the prognosis is favorable. In advanced episodes, they lead to the formation of an ulcer.